Valgus Pro is an original fixator which will help you to get rid of the bunion on your feet within a month. This is a convenient and elastic product which reliably fixes the toe. When walking the toes remain in the correct position thanks to a special head.

The research proved that Valgus Pro can tackle deformation at any stage of Hallux Valgus, except for a neglected case when agility becomes a problem. Moreover, it causes absolutely no pain and there are no complications. The result remains durable even after you stop wearing the fixator.

100% success can be achieved at the initial stage of the disease by using the head on the toe. The success has a visual and x-ray confirmation. In case of an express 2 and 3 phase of the disease the corrector can help you to get rid of the outgrowth or make it significantly smaller. Regardless of its severity Valgus Pro will also remove pain felt while walking.


The fixator has a positive influence, delicately correcting the defect of the feet. Thanks to its unique properties, Valgus Pro straightens anatomical position of the big toe which has gristly outgrow. Valgus Pro fends off pressure caused by shoes, thereby stopping bunion growth.

What Valgus Pro is made of?

Valgus Pro is made of a resilient, elastic, and harmless material pleasant by touch. The device snugly fits the feet adjusting itself to the anatomical shape of the feet without compromising the aesthetic appearance when you wear peeps and carefully and reliably retains the big toe in the correct position. By correcting the position of the toes, the fixator proves to be very effective in case of overlapping or closely positioned toes.

Medical gel-type silicone which the correcting fixator is made of is resilient water absorbing material which protects tender skin between toes against clavuses, callouses, chafes, and other skin injuries. It causes no allergic reactions, reddening, and exfoliation while worn, which makes it possible to wear it constantly without the risk of undesirable skin reactions.

6843How to use Valgus Pro? Direction

When you are on the walk, Valgus Pro lowers the risk of the progression of the disease (bunion growth) not letting the foot lose its shape, preventing the development of platopydia associated with ageing. The fixator not only helps to get rid of painful and nasty feelings by redistributing the loads when you walk but it also brings the big toe to the naturally correct position.

It is very easy to use the fixator by fastening it on the toe. Even a senior person who has lost fine motor skills can do it. The device van be bought over the counter.

Valgus Pro is worn on the big toe, tightly pressed to the surface. The material of the corrector is so light and elastic that it can completely repeat the contours of the toe. Therefore, you’ll stop feeling it after a while. You don’t have to buy special shoes for wearing it and can use your regular shoes.

The fixator shall be worn daily for no less than 6-10 hours. It can be used both during the day and night to achieve maximum therapeutic effect. The initial tangible results will be available in less than two weeks. Longer usage can provide you with more significant results and enable you to forget about the problem of protruding bunions on your feet.

Wearing Valgus Pro less frequently makes the correction of the big toe a slower process, thus, Hallux Valgus will remain an issue for a longer time. The application period might vary depending on the phase of the disease. 77878

Many people who wear the fixator experience the disappearance of the big toe joint defect and the problem of callouses and swollen legs dissipates by itself. The gait becomes lighter and more confident and legs are less tired.

Hence, by using Valgus Pro you can see the decrease in pressure between the first and the second toes within just several weeks. One month should be enough to completely remove the bunion. The efficacy of the product has been clinically proven.